Privacy Policy

African Mission Privacy Policy regarding donors to our work

  • What personal data is held?

Names, addresses, telephone numbers, email addresses & website addresses (for organisations)

  • Where did this data come from?

Individuals, churches and companies data provided when they donated to us.

Grant Making Trusts data when they responded positively to a request for help.

  • Who is this data shared with?

The data is not shared with any other organisation or individual.

  • Why is this data being held?

In order to communicate with our supporters and to publicise our work.

  • Lawful basis for processing data:

Legitimate interests – we need the data in order to keep our supporters informed of what we are doing.

  • How will we seek, record and manage consent?

Data subject will be added to database only if they have contributed to our work or have requested to be kept informed of our work.

  • How would personal information be deleted?

All electronic information where there has been no contact from an individual for three years will be deleted or before that if requested by the data subject. In the case of financial donations the data will be kept for seven years from the date of the last financial donation and then deleted.

  • How will you handle subject access requests?

All data pertaining to the requester will be given in the format requested. Either by paper or electronically by email depending on the requester’s preference.

  • How would data held be provided electronically?

By email or by memory stick if provided by the data subject.

  • How will data breaches be detected, reported & investigated?

All suspicious activity will be investigated and if a data breach has taken place both the data subject and the ICO will be informed.