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Dr Towey speaks of his work

Dr Towey was interviewed about his work in Africa by Dr.Mike Dobson for his podcast series ‘Anaesthesia Compass’.

The resultant three podcasts can be found on Spotify, or wherever you get your podcasts:

International research that Dr Towey has contributed to:

Essential Emergency and Critical Care – a consensus among global clinical experts (March 2021)

Globally, critical illness results in millions of deaths every year. Although many of these deaths are potentially preventable, the basic, life-saving care of critically ill patients can be overlooked in health systems. Essential and Emergency Care (EECC) has been devised as the care that should be provided to all critically ill patients in all hospitals in the world. This study aimed to specify the content of EECC and additionally, given the surge of critical illness in the ongoing pandemic, the essential diagnosis-specific care for critically ill patients with COVID-19.

Read the full findings of the study (pdf)

Intensive care management of snake bites (July 2020)

Read the abstract

Intensive care medicine in rural sub-Saharan Africa (Jan 2017)

Read the abstract